About Us

Nordic100 works to promote Nordic Walking amongst all age groups, abilities and fitness levels.

We teach Nordic Walking in an enjoyable and accessible, yet thorough way.  This approach ensures you gain the maximum benefit from your Nordic Walking.  So whatever your reason for trying Nordic Walking, whether your goal is to improve your fitness, inch-loss or to gain health and wellbeing benefits, we can get you started on your Nordic Walking journey.

Nordic Walking is fun and a great way to engage young people.  Coming from an educational background, we’re keen to get young people out and about Nordic Walking and exploring the great outdoors.  Utilising games and fun activities, we take Nordic Walking into primary and secondary schools, after school clubs, brownies and scout groups and sports clubs to support young people’s development: their health and fitness, self-confidence and self-esteem, and their learning.

Clare Allison

Clare previously worked in an educational setting for over 20 years as a primary school teacher and now as an educational proof-reader and resources writer.

Nordic Walking enables Clare to balance her work writing with her love of the outdoors, wellbeing and fitness.  She teaches Nordic Walking classes and leads walks in the parks and green spaces of East Berkshire.


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